Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Personalized Tote Bag

So for this year at Preschool the teacher prefers to have a tote bag as opposed to a back pack. She says they fit better in the cubby's which makes perfect sense to me. So in an effort to make something nice and personalize it here is what we did.

1) Start with a commercial ready to decorate tote bag for $2.47 and if you plan it well you can get it for 50% off (as we did).

2) Go to a website with free coloring pages and select your picture. We used Free Coloring Pages and selected one from the sports section looking for something that resembled a gymnast.

3) Right click on the picture and "copy image" open Paint from your desktop and paste the image into the paint program. Utilize the paint program to "color" your picture as you choose.

4) Cut picture from Paint and put it into a Word Processing program to add text as desired.

5) Remember to go into the Print Properties and be sure to print your work in Mirror Image (yes I made the mistake AGAIN and had to reprint). Print it onto a iron on T-shirt transfer, iron it onto the bag.

6) Decorate as much as your heart desires. We are not finished as this one will need to be jeweled and trimmed in some lavish trim of some sort. That is for after school tomorrow!

Hope you and your kids have as much fun as we did!

When we finish it tomorrow I'll post the last pictures. Look for them sometime in the late afternoon.


Anonymous said...

Very cute little bag! Thanks for sharing your tips!

Moose Threads said...

Great idea! Very cute.

Bubba & Rye said...

what a great mommy you are...and cute bag! Thanks for all the tips!

Amy said...

It's adorable. I'll bet the other kids are going to be begging their mommies for one just like it.

Beth said...

So cute! Thanks for the instructions on it too. What great gifts those would make too.

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