Monday, February 22, 2010

Green Tip of the Week

Tips for Greener Travel

Reducing your speed to 55 mph from 70 mph could increase your fuel efficiency by 23 percent.


LilacAve said...

Wow....that's alot!
Not sure if I am patient enough to go 55 on I-95, where the speed limit is 70. But good to know!!!!

SSymmonds Creations said...

Great tip but it's really hard to go that speed on the Interstate. Especially when you have 10 hours to make a 12 hour trip :)

Maddie and Mommy said...

Personally I go about 80 mph in a 65 every day... not a realistic tip for me either, but someone out there is going to feel justified for driving like Miss Daisy.

nikid said...

Hmmm....maybe the next time my 3 year old asks me if I am going to fast I will think of this and slow down! :O)

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