Saturday, July 24, 2010

skirts, skirts and more skirts

I love the length!!!!!!!!!!!! Most of her skirts were getting so short! :) And most today are made shorter, too. They are GORGEOUS! I am in total awe!!!!! Plus--she'll get to wear it probably into next yr!!!!

I completely adore it! The material was superior quality, the stitching perfect, and most of all my daughter loved it so much she had to wear it the next day! Thanks...we'll be back!

Oh --got the skirts this afternoon-- They are AWESOME!!!!!! I was pinging--hubs thought I was nuts! They are very well made!!!!!!!! Love em!

I am in awe of your skirts--you do a very, very good job on them! I could see your whole shop being full of them!

My daughter adores these skirts!!! And I love them because they aren't mini skirts! Great lightweight/quality fabrics that wash well.

Too cute! My niece is going to look adorable in it! Thank You!

Very cute! Just as pictured. These will look cute for summer with a little tank top! I'm glad I got 3 of them!

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