Saturday, May 31, 2008

PAY PER POST! What? Are you serious?

YES I am serious. I have found this wonderful site called Pay Per Post. As the name implies I am able to earn money by posting my opinion on all sorts of products, topics and marketing. This is my very first post so I am just learning the ropes on all the how to do it's, when to do it's and what to do (it's?). The site is very thorough and self explanatory, but I am more of a hands on learner. I am very excited about this opportunity not only because it is an extra way to earn money, but also because I get to feel like my opinions count. Not only count, but are actually worth something!
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Members, Liz of So, how did you hear of Pay Per Post one might ask me? Well, one of my ETSY Homefront TeamFray Baby Bibs and More introduced Pay Per Post to me via her blog. She explained what it is, why she does it and how it benefits her. She did such a good job at promoting it that well that I jumped right in and signed up. I am looking forward to all the new connections that I will make through the Pay Per Post Program and the new friends that come as a result of all the new connections. I am a big fan of networking in all forms and fashions. I love talking to people and enjoy sharing my thoughts on many issues, most especially marketing.

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Anonymous said...

I have looke into doing this before and just haven't gotten around to trying it. Let us know how you like it!

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