Sunday, June 1, 2008

Fishing - A BLOG in Pictures

This blog needs very few words, the adorable pictures speak for themselves. I will put a little description under each though.

"Maddie" is Fishing! Don't you love him with the mini pink fishing rod?

Don't you just LOVE her "Sponge Bobber"?

She "caught" one. Well, daddy cast and hooked it, but she got to reel it in!

She's helping daddy "catch" another fish!

Here is another catch. All in all "She" caught about 6 fish that day, her daddy and I didn't "catch" any at all!

After a hard day (make that about 2 hours) of fishing, she picked some flowers for me before we went over to the "Sprinkler Park." Isn't this the cutest?

All in all a family day well spent. I wouldn't have wanted to be anywhere else!


MayRae said...

That's the way I remember fishing! Too much work to cast and wait on your own :) How sweet she picked you flowers as well.

April said...

I miss lake fishing. Cute pics and then the flowers at the end...awwwww

Anonymous said...

How cute! Maddie really IS a ham!!!

Sygnet Creations said...

Awe look at her with her proud catch!!

Anonymous said...

That spongebob floatie is adorable!!!

Anonymous said...

Ah, that SpongeBob floatie is adorable!!!

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