Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Children's Book Review

Learning How to Work My Control Panel
by Jamie Lee Curtis
illustrated by Laura Cornell

Quote from book jacket
"It's hard to be five. Just yelled at my brother. My mind says do one thing, my mouth says another."
"Its fun to be five! Big changes are here! My body's my car, and I'm licensed to steer!"

This book is fabulous! My little one is just now five and this not only helps her to understand the big physical and emotional changes that are going on, but it truly helps me as well. When we have a "Hard to be 5" day; one of us remembers the book and we talk about how it is hard to be five, how it relates to the problem at hand and what we are going to do to change it and make it a "Fun to be 5" day. I highly recommend this book to the parent of any toddler (plan ahead it will be worth it) or Pre-Schooler. Now if I can only get my husband to read it and realize how it applies in our 5 year olds daily life...


TwoSeasideBabes said...

This sounds like an excellent book...now if only that had one for 3 year olds!

cutesieclips said...

Neat! Yeah, sometimes the parents need reminding what to expect at different ages...me included! Thanks for a great suggestion :)

The Chameleons Attic said...

I wish we had this book at 5. I think it would have helped a lot.

Beth said...

I love her books. We haven't read this one, but I am going to get it the next time I hit the book store. Thanks for another great review!

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