Thursday, February 12, 2009

Superhero Tips from "The Green Girls" - Saving the Planet One Lightbulb at a Time!

I have to admit I'm feeling a little weak on the Green Post this week, so I'm just going to offer a few quick tips from my favorite book, the green book.

Toy Manufacturers
Try frequenting shops that sell locally made toys. Of all toys purchased in the United States, 80 percent are made overseas, and 71 percent are made in China, where environmental laws are weak. If you support locally produced goods, you could reduce the pollution and fuel costs associated with shipping products across the Pacific Ocean.

Avoid Crayons made from paraffin wax, which is derived from petroleum. Instead, try using crayons made from soybean oil, which have the added benefit of being nontoxic. America is the largest producer of soybeans in the world. From this we could product well over one trillion crayons - without tapping oil supplies.
These chunky crayons made my "MonsterBug" are made from Crayola crayons which are non toxic (and I'm still researching to see if they're soy).

If you buy crystal, choose lead-free varieties. The lead content of a beverage stored in a standard crystal decanter can be 130 times higher than the EPA standard for lead in drinking water. Not only is exposure highly toxic to humans, but the environmental effects of lead mining can last for millennial. Groundwater supplies in Wales, famous for its crystal making, continue to be polluted by lead mines excavated more than two thousand years ago.
WHAT??? THIS ONE BLEW MY MIND!!!! I never thought of that!

More next week! Hope you enjoyed my Green Girls Tips for this Thursday and remember We have only one Earth, let’s treat it with respect so our children can learn from our example and have a great place to raise their children.

6 comments: said...

Great locally and buy handmade. :)

Maddie and Mommy said...

Isn't it nice how buying locally and buying handmade is ALSO an environmentally friendly choice? Great HUH?

Moose Threads said...

Great information! I never knew that about crayons.

glutenfreegirl said...

Yeah to see Banished's wood toys on this post!
Yuppers I knew that about the is not suggested that pregnant women drink out of lead crystal..which in fact is what makes crystal crystal..

that was never a problem for

littlepapoose said...

yeah for banished's car!! hehe
i love love love handmade toys and gifts..
and bravo on finding "green" alternatives!

Maddie and Mommy said...

he made an Indy Car for my nephew as a new born gift. My brother is really into Indy Racing and I was SO very pleased with the result.

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