Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Heart Born of Love and Consciousness

This is a movement that I'm proud to be a part of. It was started by the owner of an etsy shop named BujorHandmades and she has really done something wonderful. Here is her story (taken directly from the listing in her shop):

"On January 2nd 2008 I gave up one of the sweaters closest to my heart because I shrunk it washing it. I made my daughter a pair of pants from the sleeves and when I returned to the cutting table I looked at the beautiful red wool scraps.

I thought for a while healing the loss of a favorite sweater: Valentine’s day is coming. I could make something in the name of this celebration, but more pressing issues invaded this thought immediately. How do I convince everyone I know to buy USA made products, to start looking for hand made stuff, to support local businesses, to take pride in their purchases, to look at the story behind the products they purchase.

Via Etsy! All these pressing issues are addressed if everyone supports Etsy.

I cut a small (1.5”X1.5”) heart. And one more. A double sided heart. Red. Sewed the edges in white (red and white are the colors of spring in Romania).

I looked at it for a while.
I got a safety pin.
A recycled sweater heart pin, to start conversations about all that Etsy stands for:
local made products,
hand made,
artisans and their creations,
pride in creating,
a story behind each product.

Please join me and purchase the Born of Love and Consciousness Heart Pin to expand the movement that increases awareness about hand made products, buying locally. Start conversations about the pin and proudly speak about Etsy and all it stands for. I hope that the Born of Love and Consciousness Heart Pin becomes a national symbol for pride and celebration, for building communities. Each state can pick a different color recycled materials for the heart."

We now have a Street Team, by the name of "Hearts Born of Love and Consciousness" and are on our way to changing how the world views handmade items. Each state has not only their own color, but own story of recycling, reusing that which might have been discarded. I have pictured the first 3 hearts, but there are many more now. If you want to be a part of this wonderful movement you may contact me or click on the link above for Bujor Handmades and ask her if your state is still available.

Here is a list of the shop's that are participating: 1MaddieAndMe, BabbaShop, BujorHandmades, JackAndJillsMom, Kaboogie, MamaShea, MommysLittleHelper, Naturalmomma, NolaMiaDesigns, PumpkinHaus, RedThreadPlushies, RobynsNest, ThePolkaDottotSpot and more are coming on every week. Don't miss the opportunity to join!


Emily of Ella-Bear Bowtique said...

Very cool idea!

BujorHandMades said...

thank you Kristina for mentioning this project!

if you are curious how you can join us please go to

more info, and contributions from partners can be found at the team's journal

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