Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Other B & M Shop Locally

It seems to me that since I posted about how to make the sign and where to hang it I have received a lot of positive feedback. I thought I'd show some pictures of the other shop that I have Maddie & ME and Mommy's Little Helper items in. First a little background on the shop: More Than Mail is a post office, package shipping depot & gift shop. They carry a local floral designer, local pottery, local handmade birdhouses and of course children's dresses and lavender goodies. The neighborhood in which More than Mail is located was originally started as a retirement community that is anything but retiring! Go with the vision of the modern retiree that is active in every facet of the word. This is NOT a old folks corner of the world and the children's clothing and lavender goodies make a nice addition to any package one might be sending back home. That being said, this is NOT an advertisement for the community, just a little background. My point is that even when you think you can't sell kids clothes to old people, remember they have grandkids they'd LOVE to dote on!

Some close ups of the items and displays in More Than Mail!

Mommy's Little Helper has a showing of all her items here!

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