Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Children's Book Review

Chisato Tashiro

"Five Nice Mice"
Translated from the Japanese by Sayako Uchida
Adapted by Kate Westerlund

This story is a wonderful little tale about overcoming obstacles, taking chances and being a friend even to those who aren't always as nice to you. It begins with these little mice hearing some beautiful music and going to find where it is coming from. When they find who is making the music they discover that they aren't welcome... not to be thwarted, they sneak in.

After they are discovered and asked to leave the "concert" they decide that they should make their own music and set about doing just that. After making instruments and practicing, and practicing, and practicing some more they decide they are ready for their own concert.

Who should sneak into the concert? The very same Frogs who wouldn't allow the mice in their concert. Well the Five Nice Mice are aptly named, they not only allow the frogs to watch their concert, they invite them to join in. In the end, frogs and mice have a big time together and vow to do it again at the next full moon. And that is just what they did!

This has become another daily read for us. Though the pictures aren't as colorful, the words ring true no matter how small you are. This book is a definite must read for all kids. The lessons are so universal (if you recall, Frogs and Mice aren't natural friends in the wild) and it really does teach the children that two opposing groups can get along if but one will take the first step.

And if you are curious about the stamp on the bottom right corner of the book, this book is part of Dolly Parton's Imagination Library. She started this project in her home county which is not far from here and many other's in the area have picked up on the idea. It doesn't matter your income, if you register for it your child will get one book a month until the age of 5. We are about to come to the end of that wonderful gift that our local Kiwanis Foundation sponsors for our county. I will have to begin filling the void every month.


Robin@creations-anew.com said...

What a smart story...and how true it is...we all need each other!

I have heard of the Dolly Parton book program! Great Idea.


Beth said...

What a good lesson for kids. I like the illustrations too. Thanks, glad to see another one!

Anonymous said...

Cute book! Hehe, I read your review of a Jap. translated book at the same time DH is finishing his Jap. foreign film :)

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