Thursday, July 24, 2008

Superhero Tips from the "Green Girls" - Saving the Planet One Lightbulb at a Time!

Well I am going to tie this weeks Green Girls Post in with some of the products I produce for Mommy's Little Helper. I will be pulling quotes from The Green Book and showing how I produce Green Products.
Bath Salt / Bubble Bath - If you buy bath salts or bubble bath, try to buy concentrated varieties. ... If you buy a sixteen ounce plastic bottle of bubble bath every other month and switched to a more concentrated version, you could save about one-quarter pound of plastic and $10 to $20 per year or more. If one in one hundred households decreased its bubble bath purchases in this way, the savings would total 250,000 pounds of plastic. This much plastic could build a wading pool the size of Wrigley Field.
Bath Salt's and Milk Bath from Mommy's Little Helper - If you purchase Bath Salts or Milk Bath from Mommy's Little Helper, you will save 100% of the plastic because I prefer to store in glass and my milk bath / bath salts are packaged in wax paper or glass for shipping. Also, my bath salts are made with 100% dead sea salt, Epsom salt and essential oils which are all natural. As for the milk bath, add a measure of powdered milk and again its all natural. Good for the muscles, good for the skin, good for the environment.
Shaving Gel / Foam - If you choose to buy shaving gel (as opposed to just using soap or body wash), avoid the aerosol variety. Although aerosol chemical no longer deplete the ozone layer, those chemicals have been replaced by petroleum propellants that are discharged with the foamy product you rub onto your skin. If your household refuses to buy aerosol shaving products, you could reduce your direct consumption of petroleum by nearly one-half pound per year. If 10 percent of households chose alternatives to aerosol shave gels and foams, the petroleum savings from the propellants alone could light 270,000 households for a month.
Salt Scrub - new product recently tested by some of my homefront team mates has proven excellent replacement for shaving gel...
"TuliptreeBaby says: OK, I just want to say that Maddie/Mommy is my new BFF! I just took a bath and used some of her new salt scrub and it is AWESOME! Because of the excellent exfoliating and moisturizing qualities I didn't get a single nick or burn when I shaved, and not a bit of shaving cream! That is so rare for me because of sensitive skin. I am sold on it! Thank you Maddie!"
Soap - Use bars of soap versus liquid wash. It's less expensive, and it saves packaging waste. The average bar of soap lasts for about twenty showers, where as a sixteen-ounce bottle of body wash lasts an average of eighty showers. But body wash costs on average more than four times as much as soap. If every U.S. household replaced a bottle of body wash with a bar of soap, roughly 2.5 million pounds of plastic containers could be diverted from the waste stream.
Soap - The soap produced by Mommy's Little Helper is made with products as natural as I can find (and still have it be soap). I use essential oils and most of my packaging is more along the lines of fabric wrappings though occasionally I use plastic baggies to keep the scents from several different soaps mixing.
Boo Boo Bags - I have no equivalent in the Green Book for these, but these are made of reassigned fabrics. I call them reassigned because they aren't really recycled. To me recycled denotes having been used, and these were once fabric book samples that were to be discarded. I kept them out of the land full and gave them a new life as Boo Boo Bags.

My paper is recycled, as is much of my packaging. I am an active participant in recycling everything we can and have reduced our garbage output to no more than 2.5 thirteen gallon bags per week. That is less than 1 bag per person in our house hold per week. It isn't easy being green, but it sure is worth it!

As always I strive to produce products that are good for Mother Earth, good for her children (that's us) and leave as small of an eco foot print as possible. With those products that require plastic such as the Monster Away Spray, Procrastination Away Spray, Lavender Linen Spray and the new line of Salt Scrubs; I offer a hefty discount on refills if you pay the shipping I will refill the product for half the original cost.

We have only one Earth, let’s treat it with respect so our children can learn from our example and have a great place to raise their children


Anonymous said...

Very nice post, it is nice to learn the other benefits of your products that I love so much.Hehe, if I would ahve realized you would quote me I would have been slightly less cheesy with my word choices! BUT I really do love all your products that I have tried! said...

Nice writeup Mommy....very interesting to know the diffences between you products...

I love my "Procrastanation Away Spray"

Moose Threads said...

Very very nice! Lots of great information and I learned a few things =)

Beth said...

How neat to get more info on your products. Great post. My kids have been using your summer soap for over a week now and have not had ONE new bug bite! This is a huge success for us because they've spent all summer covered in big itchy bites. They are happier and so am I. You better not stop making it because we'll need more next year! ;)

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