Saturday, July 19, 2008

Yet another new item


First I would like to introduce the Monster Berry Wild Bunch Family. These will be sold as a set. The scent is fruity and fun, the soap is Shea Butter and therefore excellent for the skin.

Next I'd like to introduce the Blue Zoo Group. These are also made of Shea Butter Soap and can be made in any other color you'd like (though the name would have to change). These animals are also Wild Berry Scented and smell like fun to any kid who washes with them.

Please give a warm welcome to the two newest additions to
Mommy's Little Helper.


MayRae said...

Those are too cute! Love the monster set. said...

Oh how fun!!!!!"Berry sweet"

Anonymous said...

Welcome little monsters! They are so cute! I love the mixed colored monsters but I am sure my daughter would go for the blue!

Vanessa said...

Too cute!!

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