Friday, July 18, 2008

New Product Review!

Mommy's Little Helper will be introducing some new products this fall. One of which is Dead Sea Salt Scrub and I sent some samples to some of my friends on the Homefront Team. Here are the responses I've received:

TuliptreeBaby says: OK, I just want to say that Maddie/Mommy is my new BFF! I just took a bath and used some of her new salt scrub and it is AWESOME! Because of the excellent exfoliating and moisturizing qualities I didn't get a single nick or burn when I shaved, and not a bit of shaving cream! That is so rare for me because of sensitive skin. I am sold on it! Thank you Maddie!

bethjt says: So I just finished a delicious bath where I tried out Mommy's salt scrub. Not only did it smell like heaven on earth...I think my skin feels better than my baby girl's now. Wonderful, lovely stuff. Nice job, Kristina!

LilacAve says: It was fantastic! I've used mass market bath salts before and most of the time they maybe add a little fragrance, possible soften my skin, but nothing like this. The smell was incredible. It felt relaxed and just the right fragrance, not overwhelming but not weak. Immediately after getting in the tub, I could feel the softness of the water. Almost like bathing in lotion. I got out of the tub, with incredibly soft skin, feeling relaxed, and smelling great! Really...I loved it more than I can describe. AND I still have more! I can't believe such a little amount made such an impact. Thanks for giving me some relaxation time!

SmokeyMountainScents says: Your salt scrub is awesome! I love the way my skin feels-very soft and the sandlewood smells wonderful. My scent testers (aka kids) both love it. I had to use it on Seth's feet. My son is pampered!

MonsterBugBlankets says: I'm LOVING my salt scrub! After 4 yrs of not taking much care of my feet due to pregnancy and busyness--I've been really working on them this summer--yet I keep forgetting to put lotion on them. The salt scrub is PERFECT! I rub it on, and it moisturizes and scrubs and makes my feet so smooth!

And my friend at the local B&M Gingerly Dressed had this to say:
Thanks for the salt scrub! I love it. The dead sea salt was not as course as I thought it would be, which was great because it didn't rub me raw! The oil lasts on my skin, so I feel moisturized all day long. The citrus scent really perks you up. That is just the thing for those early mornings. A great summer scrub! I'm looking forward to ordering some winter scrub next!


MayRae said...

Sounds like a great start!

Bubba & Rye said...

Great product review!!!! Now I am so excited to get on it, with using mine! Great job!

Anonymous said...

It really is a quality product, I am so glad I got to try it out!

Herman said...

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