Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Children's Book Review

WOW! It's Great Being a Duck
by: Joan Rankin

Summary taken directly from the book jacket:
"Lillee was the last to hatch and the smallest and skinniest of the ducklings. Her older brothers and sisters all went into the pond and swam at once.

But Lillee doesn't want to take her feet off the ground! She'll drown if she goes into the water! . . . Lillee is going to practice walking instead! And off she marches into the dark, green forest."
I love it that Lillee wears her egg shell top as a hat which partially covers her eyes. This also hinders her in that she can't really see all that is happening around her and manages to befriend a fox due to this "lack of vision."
This is a wonderful book about living life on life's terms and acceptance. Lillee has to accept her station in life and that she is, in fact, a duck. Once she comes to that cross road in her life, she finds no problem then with taking flight.

This book has been our nightly read (over and over) since I returned the last one (see previous review) to the library. My daughter loves it and though she now knows the whole story line from start to finish, we still must re-read it every night until such time as I return it and we pick a new one.

This is another one that we will recommend to boys and girls. Its listed for ages 4 - 8, but I'd think a 3 year old should enjoy it too.


Teri's Treasures said...

What a great pick! The moral of the story is amazing, I love this!Great post!

Beth said...

That looks really cute, Kristina. I love this book review feature you're doing. I look forward to it each week!

MayRae said...

Sounds like a really cute book. It's one my daughter would enjoy. Will have to add the author to the list of those to look for. Thanks for sharing :)

April said...

Sounds like another to put on the list. Thanks for the great review.

terryann said...

sometimes I feel like a duck love water, cant swim.

Anonymous said...

That book looks so CUTE! I'll bet my girls would LOVE it! They love ducks and I could use another book to read over and over and over :)

Bubba & Rye said...

How do you do it all!!!??

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