Saturday, June 7, 2008

Scrumptious Saturday #5

Sorry to those readers who are looking for a great new recipe this week - I have hurt my shoulder and though I am functioning well for the most part, working on the computer is most difficult for me. This is going to be short and sweet with out much in the way of pictures.

Crab Diablo, Cheese Garlic Biscuits, Steamed Crab Legs, and Shrimp Cocktail

OK here is the Crab Diablo recipe in my cook book straight from my mom! A picture of the mixture as is sits for 30 minutes. Once I got it over the cream cheese and crackers out it was eaten before I could get pictures (as was most of this meal).

The Cheese Biscuits are simply these from the packet from Bisquick. They are excellent as is so why should I try to make them on my own and NOT use the pre made package?

As for the Shrimp Cocktail, I used a pre-packaged set up of shrimp and cocktail sauce that is most likely available at any local grocery store. I also don't happen to have a picture of it.

Steamed Crab Legs, I didn't have time to thaw them slowly over 6 hours in the fridge as recommended. I put them in a colander and ran cold water over them until I filled the sink up, then let it all soak until the crab was thawed. I boiled water and added sea salt to it, put the crab legs on the steamer tray, put the lid on and let them steam about 5 - 7 minutes. Serve with drawn butter. To make the butter simply melt it then strain it through cheese cloth. It will give it that professional bright yellow look that you get when at the seafood restaurant.

Hope you enjoy (we love seafood here so many of my recipes will be of the seafood sort)!


Moose Threads said...

You evil evil woman. I just stuffed myself silly at our bbq but now I'm craving crab legs and garlic bisquits!


Anonymous said...

Yum! We missed going crabbing last season because of our fiesty newborn :) Those crab legs look delicious! I hope your shoulder heals real soon so you can get back to normal routines without the pain.

cutesieclips said...

YUMMO! I LOVE crab legs, and what an easy way to do it! I might actually try to make some now!

MayRae said...

Simple and to the point. Sounds like a great little night in! said...

Maddie, my son just walked in while I was looking at your crablegs....He loves them!!!!

I'm born and bred western girl...give me beef...but the legs DID look good.

Anonymous said...

Ah... making me hungry - why do all the blogs that I read today have food posts! Gotta get some grub now!

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