Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A Leisurely Walk - lessons abound!

This is a pictorial blog. We went walking on the same trail yesterday that I do alone 3 days a week. Knowing that my companion would not be interested in power walking and we'd do a lot of stopping and looking at things I decided to bring my camera along. What a wonder that I did. We saw so many amazing things like:

A "really big tree" aka Sycamore - and the view looking UP!

A newly planted Magnolia Tree with its first flower and a memorial marker.

Another "really big tree" with lovely fragrant flowers. Tuliptree Baby informs me that this is a Catalpa, also called Indian Seed Tree or Cigar Tree because of the seed pods that hang from it after the flowers bloom. I should go back down to the park and take more pictures, there is another one with those pods hanging down and the do look like cigars! Thanks Tuliptree Baby!

Some "helicopter" seeds.

And the coup de gras...

A turtle laying her eggs!

What a wonderful way to start a day!

We have only one Earth, let’s treat it with respect so our children can learn from our example and have a great place to raise their children.


Anonymous said...

What a lovely park to walk! I sent you a convo on the tree name - Catalpa. The first 'big tree' is a sycamore :)

MayRae said...

Looks like a nice walk to take at a slower pace some of the time. How neat you got to see a turtle too.

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