Saturday, June 14, 2008

Scrumptious Saturday #6


Yes, Sushi, my stepson recently learned how to make sushi so we decided to make some and do it for my weekly recipe. So in honor of my wonderfully talented step son this post is...
Sushi a la Taylor!

Mind you he did the shopping, the prep and really this is all him. I took the pictures and notes on how to do this so I can repeat it again (and again as my husband loves sushi!).

Tools you will need are:
a bamboo roller
several sharp knives (a long fillet and short paring knife were our choices)
a bowl of water to dip hands in for handling rice and towel for drying
a butter knife for cream cheese and soup spoon for avocado
large wooden spoon for spreading rice on seaweed

Ingredients we used are:
seaweed (spend the money and get the good stuff, we've learned from experience that it does make a difference)
sticky rice ( see previous recipe on how to make good STICKY rice) rice should not be moist!
fish - try to get a Sushimi cut, we used Sushimi cut Yellow Fin Tuna
cream cheese (be sure it is real cold and keep it that way, its easier to work with)
avocado, large firm green ones
also you may like some very thin sliced cucumber (we didn't have any this time, but its nice)
soy sauce
Wasabi if you like the hot stuff

For the avocado slices you need to cut the avocado around long ways grab each half and twist, use the knife to remove the seed (take knife and embed it into the seed, when you lift the knife back up the seed should come with it). Use the soup spoon to scrape out the avocado from the skin trying to keep it in tact. Slice the avocado into about 1/4" to 1/2" thin slices as pictured above.

Using the sharpest knife you have slice the fish into slices about 1/2" thick - uniformity is the key here. We want them to all be as close to the same as possible.

Open up a seaweed, spread a thin layer of rice on it flattening it as uniformly as possible. At one end place the fish, avocado, cream cheese and cucumber (no cucumber pictured here). Roll using the bamboo roller starting at the end where the fish is and as tightly and carefully as possible roll it. Push ends together as needed and even wet seaweed a little and press it down to seal. Carefully cut off the ends, and slice it into about 1" thick slices.

Here it is pictured in the full roll and slices (with avocado slices).

Shown cut at 1" thick and on sharp angle!

Dip in Wasabi and / or Soy Sauce and enjoy!

I personally do not care for the seaweed so we have devised a way to make it for me that I enjoy as well. That, however will be in another post!


Beth said...

My hubby would love this one!

Anonymous said...

I have never had 'real' sushi, this looks like a great recipe to start with! Definitely gonna try it, I'll let you know how it goes.

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